Social Contribution

Doosan stands at the forefront of social contribution activities aimed at bettering the lives of the underprivileged
and socially vulnerable people, including children, adolescents, senior citizens and disabled people.

Affiliations with Social Welfare Centers

Social Welfare Center Programs

With social welfare centers in Changwon and Seoul, we are offering programs, including emotional support and social skills developing programs, for youngsters, senior citizens, the disabled and multicultural families.

Volunteering at Social Welfare Centers

We carry out volunteer work at welfare centers for the senior citizens and disabled, by providing the constant care and attention that is needed for the disadvantaged, such as assisting with their bathing, meals and cleaning.

Support for the Disadvantaged

Clean House

We run programs aimed at improving the living environment of the underprivileged, farming communities and childcare facilities by having our technical staff volunteer group utilize their skillsets to provide services, such as electric power facility inspections, wall papering and painting services.

Dasarang Dream Program

We personally deliver Love & Happiness (Dasarang) boxes, which consist of an assortment of basic necessities and food supplies, to the disadvantaged households.