Social Contribution

We conduct numerous activities aimed at cultivating future talents in accordance with
our people-centered business philosophy, with all our programs tailored to the growth stages of
target groups ranging from children to young adults.

M.Y. Dream Career Exploration Class for Youths

M.Y. (Make Your) Dream Career Exploration Class for Youths

The youth career exploration class aims at promoting youngsters’ interest in exploring job options by offering a 3-step career program - career exploration, hands-on experience and career planning.

M.Y. Dream Engineering Experience Program for Youths

Doosan’s engineering expertise is applied to offer a program that allows young people to experience the engineers’ jobs, communicate with engineers and attend special lectures on possible career paths.

Supporting Childcare Facilities

Special Theme Programs for Local Childcare Centers

The company has had an ongoing alliance with 76 local childcare centers in Seoul and Changwon, and we have been running special theme programs for the children there, such as history exploration programs, nature programs, woodcraft classes, cooking classes and social, science & history learning programs.

Donating Study Aid Books to Childcare Centers

To assist disadvantaged children with their studying, we donate study aid books every school semester to 81 childcare centers with which we have alliances.

Cultivating Local Talents

“Doosan Class” Offered via Industry-Academia Collaboration

In an effort to cultivate skilled engineers in the local regions, the company entered into industry-academia cooperation agreements with several vocational schools, such as Changwon Machine Technical High School, Busan Automobile High School and Sudo Electric Technical High School. The students there are offered the chance to attend the Doosan Class, which is specially devised by Doosan Enerbility to help the students hone their technical skills and competency.

Youth Dream Up Project

Doosan has been helping youngsters, who show particular talent in sports, such as archery, Taekwondo and shooting, but face challenges in pursuing their dreams owing to financial difficulties.